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A sexual assault can be as insignificant as an intentional brush in an elevator. In any event, a conviction for sexual assault is highly embarrassing. There are few offences that are as damaging to one’s reputation as sex assault. So, the sooner you contact an experienced Criminal Lawyer, the better the results for you.

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The criminal acts of “sexual assault,” “rape” and “statutory rape” are categorized under the broad umbrella term of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC). A charge of criminal sexual conduct of any kind can be extremely damaging to a person’s reputation and can carry serious consequences upon conviction, including jail time, harsh fines, and possible sex offender registration. If you have been charged with criminal sexual conduct, it is imperative you contact our defense attorneys immediately to begin building your defense.

Our firm’s attorneys will dismantle the prosecution’s claims and maximize your chances of securing a favorable outcome for your case. We truly believe you are innocent until proven guilty, and we are prepared to stand by your side every step of the way during this uncertain time.

Sexual assault and rape cases are prosecuted with extreme tenacity and must be handled by an aggressive defense team in order to minimize one’s chances of conviction. If you are facing charges of this magnitude, you cannot afford to entrust your case to a less experienced lawyer. Our lawyers will have the vast legal knowledge and skills you need to level the playing field and give you a fighting chance against the opposition’s sex crime claims.


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In most cases you will pay nothing at all whether your case is successful or not.

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Yes. In most cases three years, but there are exceptions. Now is the best time to act.

In most cases? What are the exceptions?

In high risk or complex cases we may agree with you from the outset that a success fee of up to 25% may be charged. This will not be payable if your claim is unsuccessful.

Will I have to go to court?

Probably not. Most cases settle. We often need to issue court proceeding to move matters along but it is rare for a case to go all the way to trial.

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